Acupuncture and cosmetology

Acupuncture Cosmetic is Your Passage to Cosmetology with Vital Clinic

Experience our Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment at our Oakleigh, Point Cook, and Caroline Springs locations. This treatment utilises very fine needles on specific points of your face to stimulate collagen and elastin production. The natural result is improving your skin’s condition, rendering it firmer, toned, and radiant. Our certified acupuncture doctors provide a gentle, painless facial treatment beyond aesthetics, yielding brilliant skin and enhanced skin tone.

Knowing about Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment

It serves as a natural alternative to cosmetic injectables such as Botox and fillers. This treatment effectively softens lines and wrinkles, lifts sagging areas, firms the skin, and aligns with traditional Chinese medicine principles for overall health. Delicate facial acupuncture points are carefully targeted to stimulate collagen and elastin production. The micro-traumas induced in the skin create a natural rejuvenation effect, promoting the production of essential building blocks for skin health. The result is a more toned, firm, radiant complexion that improves with age.

Why Facial Acupuncture Treatment?

Cosmetic acupuncture isn’t just about looks. It offers holistic benefits like increased collagen, better moisture balance, improved muscle tone, and a natural lift for sagging skin. It can also reduce lines, wrinkles, and scars, promoting better skin health. While facial acupuncture treatment might seem to be an underrated treatment, it has immense potential to bring an amazing glow to the skin while increasing the inner confidence of an individual by leaps and bounds.

Benefits that Rise Above Deep Skin

At Vital Clinic, our acupuncture therapeutical treatment reclassifies magnificence improvement by offering all-encompassing advantages:

  • • Stimulated Collagen Creation: Experience expands facial tone, even appearance, and improved immovability.
  • • Developing Dampness Equilibrium: Acupuncture treatment advances better dissemination of blood and lymph, improving your skin with expanded dampness.
  • • Upgraded Muscle Tone and Versatility: Improve skin immovability, flexibility, and muscle tone.
  • • Regular Lift for Hanging Skin: Bid goodbye to hanging eyelids and help lift drooping skin.
  • • Decrease of Lines, Wrinkles, and Scars: Softening of scarce differences, wrinkles, and, surprisingly, more profound scars, including facial and skin breakout scarring.

How does the process go about?

Treatment begins with a detailed assessment and precise needle insertion on specific facial points. The number of needles varies based on your needs, and personalised treatment plans ensure visible results. Weekly sessions lead to firmer skin, fewer lines, and better complexion.

Recovery & Precautions

This treatment has minimal downtime, with mild redness and occasional swelling lasting a short while. It’s advisable to allow 24 hours for your skin to settle after the session, especially before attending any events. After treatment, gentle flushing and redness might endure for as long as 24 hours because of the expanded bloodstream to the face. Infrequent minor swelling could happen at acupuncture injecting destinations, regularly settling within days. Patients inclined to swelling ought to think about planning occasions as needed.

Balancing Traditional Modern Practices

Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment supplements these medicines for patients with past surface-level injectables and fillers. Our custom-fitted methodology centres around treating shallow skin layers, decreasing almost negligible differences and wrinkles, and upgrading blood dissemination for a superior composition. Uncovering past treatment data from our specialists guarantees a modified and viable experience.

Skills You Can Trust

At Vital Clinic, our Conventional Chinese Medication specialists are qualified and hold degree capabilities in this old practice. With preparation in surface level Acupuncture treatment, our specialists have top-to-bottom information on acupuncture treatment focusing on procedures and skin wellbeing. Embrace the extraordinary journey of Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment at our facility. 

Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment goes past surface medicines!

Focusing on more profound layers to invigorate collagen and elastin creation, offering longer enduring and complete outcomes contrasted with customary facials, our Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment at Oakleigh, Point Cook, and Caroline Springs is reasonable for different skin types. It can be customised to address individual worries, guaranteeing customised therapy for everybody. Minor redness and swelling might occur temporarily, but these are natural responses to the treatment. These impacts are essential for the body’s normal reaction to the treatment. Research the extraordinary capability of our Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment and plan your appointment via booking.

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