Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic Massage in Oakleigh and Caroline Springs

Vital Clinic is your preferred spot for therapeutic massage services in Oakleigh and Caroline Springs. Vital Clinic offers massage therapies to help you relax, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. We have skilled and friendly therapists who provide personalised care like relaxation, acupuncture massage, hand, deep tissue, and TCM massage for stress according to your body’s and mind’s unique needs.

Therapeutic Massage: Gateway to Healing

Therapeutic massage is a sincere approach to healing that gives importance to physical and mental discomfort and promotes well-being. At Vital Clinic, our therapist uses personalised treatment methods that provide pressure where discomfort, tightness, and movement have slowed down or stopped. Therapeutic massage is a versatile treatment that offers overall health and vitality..

Advantages of our Therapeutic Massage: Explained

Therapeutic massage is a unique form of massage that gives close attention to specific muscular issues and helps in healing. We focus on reducing acute pain and muscle tension and improving flexibility using traditional techniques and pressure application. Our therapeutic massage can release stress in muscles to a greater extent, which brings back movement and ease and improves your posture. Whether you are suffering from severe pain or want to be relieved of stress, we are here to get it done and give you the relief and relaxation you need.

Other than this, we also offer a variety of massages, like TCM massage, that focus on restoring the balance of energy flow through the body to remove stress and tension. The benefits not only help you physically but also make you feel better. Once our therapists release stress and tension, therapeutic massage can help you achieve clarity, peace and relaxation.

Our Range of Massages

At Vital Clinic, we know everyone has different preferences and needs regarding massage therapy. This is why we provide a variety of massages that not many can offer,

  • Relaxation Massage

    Our relaxation massage is your perfect getaway from stressful daily life, designed carefully to promote serenity and tranquillity. This will make you run better towards your goal with a free mind and body.

  • Hand Massage

    Those working in front of the computer system or doing hard labour work can have tired hands and wrists; our hand massage is your absolute saviour that relaxes your hands and wrists. Our therapists are experts and experienced in this, and they will ensure you can work better and more efficiently than you used to.

  • TCM massage for stress

    TCM is traditional Chinese medicine; our signature method to reduce stress uses unique techniques like cupping therapy and Gua Sha massage that will correct the imbalance and equally distribute the body’s energy flow. This brings immense relaxation to both your body and mind.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep Tissue massages are designed for those dealing with long-term stiffness or stress in their body parts, resulting in chronic pain and muscular tension persisting for weeks, months, or even years. Fortunately, you have discovered us, and we are here to address and alleviate these issues effectively.

Our Accessibility is yet another positive aspect

Vital Clinic is your premier destination for therapeutic massages in two well-known locations, Oakleigh and Caroline Springs. Suppose you are in and around these two areas. In that case, you are chosen to get better physically, mentally and emotionally by escaping the hustle and bustle for some time and being in your world of relaxation. Don’t wait long to reach us because your stress will get your head, and stiffness will take a permanent faster than that!

Experience Healing Traditionally at Vital Clinic

Experience the peak potential of our traditional therapeutic massage and embark on a journey towards physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our skilled, experienced therapists, calm, soothing ambience, and personalised treatments await you. Once you choose Vital Clinic for such needs, we assure you that you will feel better than you were before coming to us and may come here often to relieve your stress if not for tightened muscles and tissues.

Are you still waiting for a perfect day? Or will you choose Vital Clinic and make this day perfect for all your health and well-being needs?

What is not suitable for massage?

1 Too full, too hungry, too tired, or not sleeping well

In the case of fullness, massage will cause indigestion and nausea. Therefore, it is more appropriate to massage 1 hour after meals. On the other hand, if you are too hungry, too tired or have poor sleep quality, you may experience acupuncture-like dizziness during massage due to low blood sugar, lack of vitality, and poor spirit.

2 Dislocation of muscles and bones, early stage of fracture, acute stage of sprain and contusion

During this period, the surrounding soft tissues and meridians will also be damaged to a certain extent. In the treatment, bandaging and ice compress should be the priority.

3 After operation

Due to physical weakness after the operation, the wound has not yet fully healed, so massage is usually not recommended.

4 Skin trauma, inflammation

If the skin is inflamed, scalded, or traumatized, massage will aggravate the injury and make the inflammation worse. It may also cause cellulitis due to bacterial infection, so massage on the affected area should be avoided. In addition, if you have skin diseases such as herpes, it may also expand the infected area due to massage, and massage is not recommended.

5 During menstrual period or pregnancy

During menstruation or pregnancy, it is usually not recommended to massage the pelvic area to avoid excessive stimulation of the uterus, causing discomfort to the pregnant woman or affecting the fetus.

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